Leather or Upholstery detail treatment, shampoo and deodorize seats, shampoo carpets and floor mats, steam, disinfect and extract dirt and impurities, interior vacuumed, headliners, dash, & console cleaned, air clean vents and windows cleaned; This is a full interior spring cleaning for your car! (+$10 SUV/ + $20 Oversized)


Includes power wash pre-treatment; hand wash, remove all tar, bug, & road grime, 3 Step process = compound, polish, and wax exterior with high speed buffer, clean and dress tires and rims; windows cleaned; Your exterior will have a showroom shine! (+$10 SUV/ + $20 Oversized)

G-SPA TOTAL SERENITY DETAIL (Complete Detail) : $169.99

Includes everything in our Interior and Exterior Detail. Your car will thank you for its total detail makeover! (+$10 SUV/ + $20 Oversized)

Add on pricing:
Leather Conditioning : $9.99 with a Complete Detail, Interior Detail, or Interior Express
Engine Steam Cleaning : $29.99/ $14.99 with a Complete Detail
Headlight Restore : $29.99/ $19.99 with a Complete Detail
Ozone Treatment : $49.99
Wet Sand : $74.99/Panel

SPA WASH : $19.99

Hand wash and dry; tires dressed, windows cleaned; interior vacuumed, jams and console cleaned, air freshener. Our Spa Wash is great for those customers who are looking to regularly maintain their car’s beauty.(+$5 SUV/ + $10 Oversized)

SPA WASH & WAX: $39.99

Includes the same service as our “Spa Wash;” along with an express spray wax for shine & protection. The Spa Wash Plus is great for those customers whose car is already maintained and gets waxed regularly, yet they simply want or need the high gloss finish and protection of a “booster” wax, without the time necessary for an entailed hand wax. (+$5 SUV/ + $10 Oversized)


Includes the same service as our "Spa Wash," along with a choice of carpet/rug cleaning OR leather/upholstery cleaning that is normally done in our "Car Cleanse" detail package. The Spa Interior Express is for those customers who need only certain elements of our interior detail, but do not need a full detail because their exterior is well maintained. (+$10 SUV/ + $20 Oversized)

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