If you want to add tint to your vehicle, and done with a professional touch, then look no further than Glenside Auto Spa! Your tinted vehicle will benefit from UV protection, glare reduction, heat reduction, and fade protection on the interior.  With many shades to choose from, window tinting is not only a way to stay cool and protect your car’s interior, it’s also a great visual upgrade. Call us at 215-885-4900 to set up your appointment today!

FULL TINT : $199.99

The Visible Light Transmission percentage (or VLT%) is the percentage of visible light that the tint allows to pass through from the exterior to the interior. What this means is that the darker the tint, then the lower the VLT percentage. Thus, a 5% tint would only allow 5% of visible light to pass through to the interior.





TINT REMOVAL : $149.99


PENNSYLVANIA Tint Laws: PA State laws allow 30% or more on front two windows, rear side windows, and rear back window. No Tint can cover the entire windshield. Factory tint is different than aftermarket tint, since the “factory tint” is actually colored glass done during the manufacturing process. Factory tint does not have all positive properties of aftermarket film tint. 3 days curing time for tint.

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